Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trip to Butterworth

On my arrival in Bworth, I hopped in the oldest bus service in town, the crazy adrenalin pumping UTC bus. The red box is where the passenger stuffs the fares in. Not only coins, but notes too. It may not be a ride in a MiG-29, but pretty close, pretty close. Bugg

Kedai Makcik, my favourite for its famous lauk kampung in Bagan. Ask any folks here, they���ll show you the way. The stall didn���t look convincing, but the food is. I don���t think Jalan2 Cari Makan would come here, but what the heck, she goes only for some fancy modern restaurant. She looks pretty overweight too, perhaps for being too long indulging in that lousy food tasting program I guess..

A friend of mine with his newly acquired car giving me a lift to the bus station on my way back to KL. Perhaps I should get one for my other half. Yeah rite, bayar with my bulu kaki!!

On my way home. I remember the 1st time I came to Bworth 22 yrs ago by train. The train station doesn���t look different after all these years.

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