Friday, May 23, 2008

Car Lot

Nothing to do with car parking, for sale, rental or what not. It's actually Kalut a.k.a when you don't have time to even farting, or like when one big mad mother******g rottweiller is about to bite a big chunk of your stinking b**t that forces you to run for your life like a freaking mad horse. Well that's sums up my previous one month and well, a few months to come. Plus, that always lucky MancheShit winning a double (I'd be cursing if ChelShit wins it as well).

Having said that, I managed to squeeze in five rounds of golfing, a trip to some kinda jungle and Awana Kijal retreat. Next Monday, back to work. Niceeeeee!!

Nanti bila senang, aku lawat blog korang. Peace & Salam Hormat.