Monday, August 14, 2006


lama dah aku tk pg pekan yg sunyi kelepiang ni. the last time it was like 18 yrs ago. uih.. skrg ni dah berubah byk dah, riverview dia mcm kat kuching tu, cantiaaqq dah skrg. jetty pg pangkor remains the same. so one day, i put on my ugly runnig shoes and jog aorund for an hour. the town is very peaceful and serene. the air is clean and refreshing. people were friendly lot. its a good place if u wanna do some serious assignment. tp kalau nk pg grooving tu, tang tu sireh lah. if not for the navy guys, the town sure mati one. just one thing, there's no burger king here..!

aku 1st time pg lumut, dok kat cheap motel ni, the white building 1980..

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