Thursday, May 18, 2006


So it's time to head north for a little vacation. We need to get a break from this hectic city life we are not so used to. So the destination was Penang, land of the orient so they say. The kids as usual, jumping around all the way to Penang, which I believed caused a little bit stress on the absorber system

They need to be refrained for I was pretty worried with the chopping sea. You can see (with a glass magnifier) my blood veins around my right arm..

The traffics was pretty similar with KL here, that means SuckS! Anyways, we went to several nice places, had the best ice-cream in the whole island, watching some monkeys monkeying around, post tsunami places, couple of local delicacies like rojak, laksa and ice kacang, damn those were yummies.. For our next vacation, we may heading East to visit couple of long lost friends in the island of Borneo.