Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Schumi, you broke my heart

Argh.. just when I thought he would be crowned world champ for the 9th (or was it 8th?) times, POW! the engine blows up, with few more laps to go. And having forced to witness the monkey Spaniard jumping like some kinda jackass, that makes me more sicker. Dang!

But then, late at night there was such a pleasant surprise, Alex Yoong the 'sissy jambu man' won not oncee, but twice on the inaugural A1 GP. Though it may not be as gallant as the former, but hearing my national anthem being played twice on the prize ceremony does have some kinda profound effect, goosebump or something like that. Go Go Alex, you're the man! (he's such a nice guy, albeit a bit jambu, met him in SIC few years back) Tercapai gak cita2 aku nak dgr Negaraku (refer my World Cup psoting)

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cjcm said...

He..he...poor Schumi. Lets face it this guy is an old horse...keep pushing his luck but the sun is coming down on him...he was one the greatest but no one will ne greatest forever. Alex Yoong? Hmmm....I think he is well known more for his 'jambu' than for his F1 skill hahaha...but he did Malaysia proud anyway.